Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube are indispensable marketing tools in today’s multi-screen world.


Social Media Marketing

is more than just having the obligatory Facebook page, twitter and/ or Youtube account.

It's about finding the right network for each market, for each, niche the right travelers who can have substantial impact on your brand's sales and its reputation. It’s all about creating emotion and engagement with your audience.

Eyes2market applies simple and effective techniques:

  1. Audit: Monitoring and identifying the most relevant social media for you
  2. Engage: Defining messaging, generating content and then outreaching to channels that make sense to your tourism product.
  3. Measure: evaluating social media interaction.

Eyes2market's social media campaigns include:

  • Listen to Conversations
  • Establish your Share of Voice
  • Set Goals and benchmarks
  • Find Bloggers and Communities
  • Identify Influencers
  • Develop a Content Strategy
  • Pick the right tools
  • Create and Deliver Content
  • Engage and Facilitate Conversations
  • Measure Results

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